What is Ringette

What is Ringette?

Ringette is an exciting team sport that emphasizes fun while allowing for the maximum participation of all players. Ringette promotes cooperation with teammates and provides the opportunity for healthy competition. 

Like hockey, ringette is an ice sport, however, rather than playing with a hockey stick and a puck, the players use a straight stick and a hollow rubber ring. In many ways, the game has more in common with basketball, soccer and lacrosse, in terms of its offensive and defensive play. The objective is to score on the opponent by shooting the ring into their net. The challenge lies in skating while catching or “stabbing” the ring. The rules encourage safety, and no intentional body contact. Once stabbed, the ring is easier to control than a puck, but ringette’s blue-line rules force more passing. As a result, players learn teamwork, rather than depending on one or two dominant players. The absence of ring handling allows players to focus on improving their skating, which increases the tempo of the game, and has earned ringette the bragging rights of being ‘the fastest game on ice’.


This sport builds strong, fit and confident girls. Involvement in sports teaches valuable life lessons such as commitment, time-management, goal-setting, teamwork and respect. Ringette devotees also list the friendships they form as one of the top reasons they love being involved in the sport. Children of all ages can learn how to play. The beauty is, you don’t even need to know how to skate, you can learn as you go! 

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